South Poplar Traditional Elementary

Home of the Wild Cats

Located on the corner of Gladwin and Huntingdon Road, South Poplar Traditional provides all the elements of an effective school. Students are offered the highest level of instruction by our dedicated and committed teachers. Differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners is the way we address every learning target that we want our students to achieve.

As a Kindergarten to Grade 5 traditional school, South Poplar operates within the Public School System, and follows the prescribed curriculum and regulations of the British Columbia Ministry of Education.  The staff is committed to creating a learning environment that will ensure the on-going success and well-being of all our students. It is our intention to equip our students with the very best academic base and to provide them with opportunities in technology, athletics, leadership and the arts. As a traditional school, a strong emphasis will be placed on ensuring:

  • a consistent, structured approach to instruction
  • a clearly defined standard of academic achievement
  • a clearly defined standard of behaviour

This can be accomplished most effectively when the parents, the community, and staff share the responsibility for the growth and the development of our children.  We hope you will take every opportunity to be part of this school.  We welcome your ideas, questions, and comments about ways we can make South Poplar Traditional Elementary an even better school.  Our teachers realize and encourage the importance of a strong home-school connection by inviting our parents to play a major role in classroom activities. Parents work alongside our teachers to help in many ways which provides a very dynamic and special place for children to grow academically and socially. Every student, teacher or parent in our school community is very proud to say that they are part of the South Poplar Traditional family.

We encourage all our students to become lifelong learners and to take responsibility for their own learning.  A student planner is used on a daily basis in all classrooms from grades 1 to 5 as one communication tool.  Consistent use of the student planner helps students become organized, responsible and effective learners.

We wish all students, parents and staff a successful and productive year.  Remember, our doors are always open.  Your child's education is a partnership.  If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 604-853-1845 or reach us by accessing the “Contact Us’ tab.