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Blog: Thursday, October 5th, 2017

New Year, New Beginnings

We are all learners. The return to school is such an exciting time of the year for everyone. This invigorating time marks a new beginning, a fresh start, new opportunities and challenges - a time to set goals and build upon previous learning. Teachers too, are setting goals and developing new ways each day to engage students and make learning fun. As we connect with each other and find ways to bring the new curriculum to light, our focus for the year centers around one main question, what are you doing differently?

We are on an ongoing cycle of inquiry: What are we doing well? What can be done better? How can it be improved upon? What can be done differently and how? Failing forward is the key to find success, and both students and staff are encouraged to take risks as they collaborate and communicate their learning.

Is there a better way to ask a simple question? Garfield Gini-Newman would say YES! There are often many different plausible answers to questions posed. Questions, particularly asking the right questions, sparks high level thinking and is the foundation of quality teaching and learning. Questioning and purposefully designed lessons fosters students’ critical, creative and collaborative competencies. Inquiry based learning is at the heart of the new BC Curriculum where learners, through problem solving situations, use past learning and current understandings to further develop their thinking, skills and individual capacities.

Staff are taking risks and trying new things. At the same time, parents are enjoying a glimpse into this new approach to learning along with the excitement of a happy child and stories about their day of learning. Either way, we see the ebb and flow of the new curriculum take shape around us this year.  It is an amazing sight to see and I’m thrilled to be a part of the magic!

Principal, South Poplar Traditional Elementary